Something’s fishy 🦐

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns 🍤 Westwood Mall Durban

The aroma swept through our senses right across the parking lot (a nice one FYI..not just of raw fish😂)
Hubsylove and I came prepared (rather ravenous) and couldn’t wait to be seated in the already packed restaurant.

The atmosphere was buzzing and platters were being brought out one after the other by smiling waiters.

When our order arrived my heart melted.. Probably from all the Cholesterol that I was about to intake, but it was totally worth it!

It was steaming and we could see just how fresh everything was. The rice and chips included!

The hake had a crispy skin top accompanied by lovely succulent tubes of calamari and well done Prawns on a bed of beautiful creamy Kashmiri sauce that was smothered over the entire dish!

Aaaaah bless that sauce😍

The rice was fluffy and well seasoned as well as the chips being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Super impressed by that mainly because my toddler enjoyed every bit of it and she’s super fussy!

Honestly it’s the best seafood that I’ve had in a VERY long time.

The highlight of my evening?

No heartburn or indigestion! That’s how beautifully prepared everything had been extra nonsense being put, in just fresh, wonderful ingredients.


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