My Fave Burger Joint

Burgers are a huge part of my life. No like really! I legit am the fussiest burger eater. Ever. Everything has to be perfect for me. Starting from the bun, everything in between and right down to the sides.

There’s nothing that nauseates me more than a stale bun. It has to be soft with the freshest sesame seeds on top and just the right amount of grilling on the inside. Don’t flatten my bun. I like it looking as if no one else has touched it,

I know I know that’s freaky but can you imagine how off looking a pressed down burger would be?

Moving on to the patty itself, chicken in this case, has to be REAL and not processed, with a basting covering the ENTIRE thing in a crispy deep fried hug.

Don’t get me wrong, I love healthy food, but if you’re looking to watch your carbs, leave the burger out and grab a salad.

The preparation of the chicken is so so important. Do you know how easy it is to get food poisoning from chicken??? 😬

It has to be cooked to perfection. Don’t serve me a burger that looks great on the outside and next thing you know, I bite it and there’s water inside the fillet. 😒 Hold up though, don’t annihilate it either. Make sure that it’s succulent enough so it doesn’t dry out the entire burger leaving you with a sandpaper like tongue🤷🏻‍♀️

Dress that bad boy with fresh green lettuce (not the sad droopy looking kind) thinly sliced onions, not too much I don’t need to cleanse my eyes, a thin slice of bright red tomato and around +- 6 small slices of gherkins, don’t go cheap and add just 2 depressing pieces.

It’s not over just yet!!!

What sauces are you going to bring all those lovely ingredients together with?

An incredible sweet chilli white sauce that’s what! Pour that magic inside and keep a little for that beautiful side. What side you might ask? Oh just a perfect combination of crispy on the outside soft on the inside fries and crunchy golden brown onion rings. Be brave and slap some of those rings inside your burger. The rest can get dunked accompanied by your chips in the extra magic sauce.

There you have it folks. A Perfect Burger.

Aka Spur’s Texan Fried Chicken Burger

Don’t forget, you can get your hands on one through Mr.D too😎

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