Johnson’s Vita-Rich Firming Oil -Pomegranate

Hiiiiii guys! So it’s been a minute and a half…things have been crazy busy for the passed few years!

I’ve been meaning to do like 30 different reviews but as a full time SAHM, plus a business owner, you guys know the probability of being able to actually finish an article is so slim!

Forgive my grammar in this post, my excitement is making me a little overly enthusiastic about every word. Anyhoooo…

This baby has been my holy grail for the passed four weeks and I’m literally so stoked about this review, like I can not explain! I’ve tried so many products that come with the promise of clearer, softer, life changing results in a month. I’ve used Bio-Oil as well as Happy Event for both my pregnancies but unfortunately none could prevent those dreaded stretch marks from appearing. I didn’t mind it much, with the being mostly on my tummy, and thought of them as war scars! I’m a tigress in my own light! 😜

As time went and I shedded all those kg’s, 30 and counting to be precise, it started being more visible and understandably I started to be more aware of my marks. Hubby just happened to come across this magic potion on the Takealot website and added it to his next cart without me knowing. He’s amazing that way… 😏

Needless to say I’m absolutely in love!!!

Finally, a product that actually works and doesn’t break the bank. The consistency of it doesn’t leave an awful residue that reminds you of the applicant being on and the only clue that you’d have is the amazing scent that it leaves on your skin.

In less than a month, all my marks are 3 times lighter and my skin feels firmer!

I am so grateful and this will definitely be added to my list of holy grails! 🥰

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