Johnson’s Baby Top To Toe Range

Tiny hands and tiny feet..the things that make your heart skip a beat ❤️
When you have your baby, all you want is for them to be safe in every way possible. You want to make sure that you give your 100% to the care and nurturing of their little bodies. We find that many baby products often are too harsh with either their smells or just the productivity at a whole. After researching and trying many different products, I have come across a range that has to be the best that I’ve seen yet.

Johnson’s Baby Top To Toe❤️

Starting with the massaging oil which differs from the original by having a softer scent and a lighter texture almost feels as if you’re literally hydrating baby’s skin with each stroke. It doesn’t leave a greasy like feeling on baby’s skin afterwards but rather a soft hydrated result.

My favorite and one of the first items that I’ve tried is the Top To Toe wash. It is so calming and so mild that even if a little gets into baby’s eyes it doesn’t cause any redness or irritation. It foams up with a tiny squirt and allows you to spread that small amount quite far. Once you’ve washed it off you’ll realize that it doesn’t draw out all the moisture from baby’s skin as normal soaps do. It works on locking in the moisture and nurturing your baby’s delicate skin. It leaves a sweet smell that doesn’t overpower your baby’s senses.

The Top To Toe massage lotion is hubby’s fave! It has the most amazing scent with a smooth non greasy result. Just a tiny amount will give you instant results of taking away any dry patches leaving baby’s skin moisturized and as soft as it should be.

For the winter or more dryer days I opt for the extra moisturizing cream which comes in an easy on the go tube which you can also carry in your bag as your own hand cream 😉

Your baby’s delicate skin is up to 30% thinner and loses moisture 2x faster than yours. The extra moisturizing baby cream is specially-formulated to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy from morning ‘til night.

The fact that all these products are not tested on animals and contains no parabens, phthalates, or dyes is an absolute plus and makes the brand so much more trustworthy.

Do what’s best your baby and try and this amazing range which is specially formulated to heal and restore their sensitive skin.

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