Did someone say Cookie Monster?

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly prepared dessert to end a magnificent meal that satisfied your hunger to the core! Saturdays are always such a blur for my little family and I as we rush to get errands done. We decided to have a little downtime at our favorite family restaurant this weekend as we headed down to Spur at the Atrium.

Welcomed by the friendly and professional managers who always have the most pleasant greetings each time we visit, we were taken to our spot. We always opt for the table that is situated as closest to the play area as possible as our little ones constantly run in and out. We decided on some burgers and chilled lemon water. I’m sure you’ve come across my burger review, if not, don’t forget to check that out! Whilst we were waiting for our meals, I got to get in touch with my inner child as I played with the little ones too. ☺️

After feeling full from our meals we decided to share dessert and ordered a milkshake. As we waited there was this absolutely entertaining dance that the waiters were doing for the kids. It livened the mood and got everyone feeling joyous.

The waitress found out that it was my little one’s birthday a day before so she brought her the yummiest soft serve with glorious rainbow sprinkles.
Trying my best to refrain from eating most of her dessert I saw our order heading towards us. I swear it was in slow motion!

There it was!

A Gourmet shake in Choco Cookie with bar-one sauce!

A stunner that looked glorious in chocolatey goodness that dripped everywhere possible, marinating Oreo pieces and fresh fluffy marshmallows. Crunchy peanuts were sprinkled on top, adding a much needed nuttiness to the dish. The milkshake itself was crazy good without it being overly sweet and rich. It was smooth and milky with fresh cream above. There were these streaks of beautiful bar-one sauce that surprised us with each sip we took. Being the confident, (for a lack of a nastier word😂) person that I am, I didn’t really care when I got those “What are you doing?!” stares as I literally wiped every bit of sauce off the plate. For the price, I would definitely say it is beyond worth it. The time and ingredients taken to make this beauty surely made it that much more enjoyable.

I’ll definitely be back for more and I can not wait to try out the other flavors! If you happen to pop in, try telling them exactly what you want and what you prefer. They are always happy to cater to your tastebud’s exact needs!

Choco Cookie @ R42.90 


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