Something’s fishy 🦐

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns 🍤 Westwood Mall Durban The aroma swept through our senses right across the parking lot (a nice one FYI..not just of raw fish😂) Hubsylove and I came prepared (rather ravenous) and couldn’t wait to be seated in the already packed restaurant. The atmosphere was buzzing and platters were being brought out one after… Read More Something’s fishy 🦐


My Fave Burger Joint

Burgers are a huge part of my life. No like really! I legit am the fussiest burger eater. Ever. Everything has to be perfect for me. Starting from the bun, everything in between and right down to the sides. There’s nothing that nauseates me more than a stale bun. It has to be soft with the… Read More My Fave Burger Joint


My Favorite…

Perfumes are one of my strongest weaknesses. The importance of a first impression links so much to your scent. It’s one of the first things that people perceive. For this reason, I’ve always been persistent in my journey to find my “chosen” scent. After many, many, many bottles of pure gold to pure “no no’s” I’ve… Read More My Favorite…